Aloha and welcome to the home of three great groups playing jazz, dixieland and gospel music. Please enjoy the links to sample songs below, and feel free to contact us for info and bookings (contact info below). Mahalo!

The Swingin Tradewinds Jazz Band specializes in swing music of the bigband era and traditional New Orleans dixieland jazz. The band can be configured from three (3) to eight (8) musicians, as appropriate for your special occasion.

The Hymncats are the flip-side of the STJB. In this configuration they perform gospel hymns and spirituals in the traditional or dixieland style.

Listen to the Swinging Tradewinds: Tiger Rag.mp3 (live at the Fourth Annual), Mama's Gone Goodbye.mp3 (live at the Fifth Annual)

The SAXOPHONICS take pride in playing every type of music from the classics to ragtime to swing. Enjoy!

Listen to the Saxophonics: Round Midnight.mp3 , Maple Leaf Rag.mp3

The first saxophone was created by the Belgian, Adolphe Sax, in the 1840s to close the gap between the reed and brass instruments in marching bands. Eight sizes of saxophone were developed, from sopranino to contrabass. Saxophone quartets were originally modeled upon the string quartets of chamber music and usually consisted of the soprano, alto, teno and baritone horns.

Beginning with Sax's contemporary, Jean-Baptiste Singelee, composers began writing original saxophone quartet music. The repertoire was augmented by new arrangements of music from the old masters such as Bach and Mozart. After the turn of the century, the saxophone became a leading instrument in jazz and swing music and the quartet repertoire was greatly expanded in these genres.